Better than Andrea.

Eminent Doc of Learning

I can’t believe that Night of the Notables is coming so soon. Personally, I’m both nervous and excited. I think that it’ll be fun to see all of the Grade 10 speeches and the other TALONS students’ learning centers. I wish the Grade 10’s the best of luck and I hope that all of them know that all the Grade 9’s will be supporting them, just like they did when.. Read More

(Second Speech Draft for Eminent)

Here is my second draft.  I posted my second as it’s quite different from my first and I like it a lot better. If you have any feedback for me, please tell me! I’d greatly appreciate it. Eminent Draft #2 A letter from Joanie Spina, long-time assistant of David Copperfield David Copperfield, Do you remember when I worked for you? Never mind, that’s silly. Of course you remember, we worked together for.. Read More

SFU Library Blog Post by Frank

WHAT I WAS LOOKING FOR  Frankly, I was quite excited for this trip. I was looking forward to becoming more familiar on the SFU campus. I was also excited to talk to some of the new TALONS students as well as get to know a little bit more about them.  I was also excited to find library books on my eminent person because I didn’t want to procrastinate on my speech and.. Read More

Eminent Intro Post

EMINENT PERSON – DAVID COPPERFIELD There are amazing scientific minds in this world that are able to do unbelievable things. But even some of the world’s smartest mathematicians and scientists are unable to figure out how David Copperfield has done some of his work.  David Copperfield is a 58-year-old illusionist, and is also known as the most financially successful magician in history. He has sold over 40 million tickets which.. Read More