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Leader in my Community (Frank)

When one thinks about a “leader”, they may picture a police officer on the job, a politician giving a speech in preparation for the next election, or the CEO of a successful company. These are all difficult people to get a hold of and interview in about one week. However, all these people play roles that have become the common picture conjured up once somebody says the word “leader.” There.. Read More

Leadership Challenge Questions by Frank

Challenge Questions Challenge 1: Tension 1. How do you deal best with tension in a stressful situation? There are several ways I deal with tension in stressful situations. It’s important for me to avoid destructive behavior and always maintain a positive and optimistic attitude or else I will feel even more stressed. For me, stressful situations are often caused from me trying to be too perfect. To resolve this stress,.. Read More

Leadership Myth Questions by Frank

Questions:  Myth 1:  1. Discuss if people need to possess the top title to achieve results and help others become productive? People don’t need to possess the top title in order to become a good leader and help others become productive. People should be able to lead regardless of what title they are given. Titles are just names or positions that are assigned to people, and shouldn’t have any effects.. Read More