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In-Depth Post #6 ~ Synthesis

Wow. Is this really going to be my final blog post for In-Depth? It’s shocking how quickly time has gone by since I introduced magic as my topic last year. 12 blog posts later, I find myself starting to piece ideas together for a second In-Depth presentation. Fortunately, I managed to meet with Jacky once during the long period between post #5 and #6. The reason I say fortunately is that we have.. Read More

In-Depth Post #5 ~ Quirky Melodies

Fortunately, Spring Break gave me quite a bit of time to work on in-depth related things. I managed to complete my first full-length composition! I made it for a solo pianist, because I felt like using too many instruments would have made the piece too complicated. Unfortunately, I’m still trying to find a way to properly record it, because the way that Noteflight plays it makes it sound really choppy and unmusical… Read More

In-Depth Post #4 ~ Melancholy Sounds

Has it already been 3 posts? Time has really flown by since In-Depth and Adventure Trip planning has started. Anyways, I met with Jacky once again last Saturday. I showed him the short piece that I composed for last week’s blog post, and then asked if he had any feedback I could potentially use in my next song. He said that he liked the overall simplicity of the piece, and also.. Read More

In-Depth Post #3 ~ There Was An Attempt

A few days ago, I had my first meeting with my mentor, Jacky. Although the meeting wasn’t that long, we discussed many things, and I got a lot of information out of our discussion. We didn’t really talk about how to compose music with technology, but we focused more about the elements of music and harmony and what makes music sound interesting. The main thing we talked in our brief.. Read More

In-Depth Post #2 ~ Noteflight

The first few weeks of my second year of in-depth have been going pretty well. I know I said in my last blog post that I found a mentor named Tian; unfortunately, she requested quite a large amount of money per hour and so I went looking for another mentor. Luckily, I managed to find another harmony teacher in the area named Jacky Mak, who was willing to help free.. Read More

The Beginning of a Musical Journey: Frank’s Intro Post

I still remember what it was like to perform magic onstage at in-depth last year. It was a very nerve-wracking experience for me, but being onstage and making the crowd laugh turned out to be one of my favorite memories from that year. Hopefully, I get to experience a similar joy this year on May 30th , the date of the TALONS annual In-depth Night for 2016. Last year, I.. Read More