Better than Andrea.

Sheer Luck (In-Depth Post #8)

I still remember hearing about ‘in-depth’ months before we selected what we wanted to study, and the time has definitely flown by since then. But now that it’s already the month of May, I need to continue building and practicing the routine that I will perform on the night itself. Shortly after my sixth blog post, I once again began debating on whether or not I should perform an alternate.. Read More

Disappearing Chopsticks? (In-Depth Post #6)

It’s hard to believe that I’m over the halfway point of my 2015 In-Depth experience! I still remember debating what I should study months before today and time has gone by incredibly quickly. Nonetheless, there is still lots of time for me to develop and practice my routine. On Tuesday, I was fortunate enough to meet with Billy a third time. We discussed my final routine, or the one that I’d.. Read More

Perfect Practice Makes Perfect! (In-Depth Post #4-5)

Hi there! This post incorporates the requirements from In-Depth posts 4 and 5 as I got an extension on post #4. Unfortunately, my mentor cancelled the meeting that was supposed to happen yesterday (March 5th) as he had to go to a funeral. However, we have been contacting each other a lot the few days and I believe I am still able to write this post about our first two meetings and.. Read More

Coin Magic and the French Drop (In-Depth Post #3)

Another two weeks has gone by, and I believe that my in-depth project has been progressing quite nicely. On Tuesday, February 3rd, I met with my mentor, Billy, for the second time.  In this meeting, we focused on coin magic, which Billy believed was even more powerful than card magic. In coin magic, a magician could ask a spectator for a couple specific coins, and they would often be able.. Read More

Finding a Mentor and Learning Card Magic (In-Depth Post#2)

In-depth is going pretty well for me so far, and we’re only two weeks in. Doing all that research for my integrated essay taught me a lot of things about magic, such as learning how to deal with hecklers, and learning some rules of the magic community. However, the biggest progress I’ve made so far was being able to find a mentor. My timeline suggested me to find a mentor by.. Read More

The Beginning of a Magical Journey (Post #1)

Last year, I went to in-depth night and I got to see students perform things on stage.  I vaguely remember a dancer, a drummer, a singer and a couple of other videos that they showed. After watching the performances, I began to feel a bit excited for my own in-depth project that I’d be starting in what felt like forever at the time. The mere idea of being able to work.. Read More