Written by Louis Philippe II, or Philippe Égalité

Final Address

“Unbelievable. After supporting the revolution and striving for reform for so long, I was executed by the people I agreed and helped out. Now I’m just a dead body in the Madeleine cemetery, slowly decomposing with the likes of Louis and Marie. Isn’t it sad how I ended up here? I thought I’d be able to watch France blossom into the country I worked so hard to create, but Robespierre and the guillotine had a different plan for me.

I still remember being accused of having a close relationship with Dumouriez, a royalist who tried to save the King from execution. Being stuck in a jail cell awaiting my death for something I didn’t do was perhaps one of the most frustrating periods of my life. I even voted for the death of the King, but the people merely saw that as an attempt to seize power for myself. But I suppose it doesn’t help complaining about it now; besides, I didn’t let it get the best of me. I decided to die the way I lived: calm and undisturbed.

All my hard work was essential to undermining the monarchy. How triumphant would we have been without my political and social power? How many nobles would have even taken a glance at the Third Estate if I did not first become a role model and support them?

As a nobleman, my life was never very hard. But I used my money to not only feed the less fortunate, but also to spread the brilliant ideas of Rousseau and Montesquieu for Parisians to read. I even expanded and completely redesigned the Palais Royal so that it could be open to the public as a shopping/entertainment place. This is also where the Jacobins could meet, as I made sure the palace was never censored by the government or the royalists. How could they debate the rules and guidelines for the Revolution without a safe and protected location to do so? Without me, the spark that caused the Revolution would have been squashed in an instant.

But my accomplishments will mean nothing if the Revolution ends up being pointless… I am not even sure if this Revolution can be considered a success. Thousands of lives were lost, and a figure called Napoleon Bonaparte is beginning to rise to prominence into a monarch-like position, contradicting everything we worked so hard for. But at the same time, we accomplished great things. The Declaration of the Rights of Man was created, and we have changed our country drastically, hopefully for the better.

Besides, even if Napoleon does end up being crowned as monarch,  this country currently needs somebody to end all of the anarchy and disorder that has happened more than anything. If Napoleon can be that somebody, and also remains fair and loyal to the people of France unlike Louis XVI, he ruling our country would be better than the disarray our country is in. But who knows what lies in France’s future? I suppose only time will tell.”


I don’t think this is required, but it’s something we did last year. Here are a couple tweets that I tweeted during the course of this project. I’m also including them here because I might delete these tweets in the future, but I’d like to keep a record of them.


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