Better than Andrea.

In-Depth Post #6 ~ Synthesis

Wow. Is this really going to be my final blog post for In-Depth? It’s shocking how quickly time has gone by since I introduced magic as my topic last year. 12 blog posts later, I find myself starting to piece ideas together for a second In-Depth presentation. Fortunately, I managed to meet with Jacky once during the long period between post #5 and #6. The reason I say fortunately is that we have.. Read More

Letter #1: A Revolutionary Spark (1789)

December 11th, 1789 Madame de Genlis, There are a couple of things that have been on my mind lately. England has been a unique and interesting place to venture; it’s certainly less chaotic than what’s going on in France. Has anything new happened since I left? And how are you doing yourself? How about my children? I hope to chat with you when I return; I miss your intelligence and.. Read More

Making Memes for a Socials Assignment?

After we were instructed to make our memes, I left school a little bit confused and uninspired. However, I then saw a Teenager Post, which are essentially memes teenagers create that describe situations that many other teens find “relatable”. Now, I find some of these posts relatable, but a lot of them I don’t connect with at all. So, for my first meme, I decided to make a mockery of these kinds of memes.. Read More