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Eminent Intro Post: Edgar Allan Poe

Eminent 2015 is well on its way! Last year I studied David Copperfield, the most financially successful magician in the world with ticket sales of over 4 billion dollars. This year, I’ve decided to study a more poverty-stricken man by the name of Edgar Allan Poe. Edgar Allan Poe was an American author and poet, most famous for his stories of mystery and horror. A Super Short Biography Edgar Allan Poe was born by the.. Read More

Vancouver Public Library Blog Post by Frank

I remember writing about the library trip last year and it’s surprising to see how fast time has gone by! Nonetheless, Eminent 2015 is well on its way and I really need to start preparing myself for Night of the Notables, which is now only about three weeks away. Prior to heading to the library, I had a few goals and learning intentions in mind. One of them was to hopefully be.. Read More