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Socials Political Cartoon (A Billion Dollar Trap)

Hello! Here’s my political cartoon along with the supporting writing. It’s kind of small but if you click on it you get a much larger version of it. Thanks! “The ‘plot’ of my cartoon revolves around the 1 billion dollar LNG offer made by Petronas to a Native Canadian community. The company is offering the large amount of money in exchange for the consent of numerous Aboriginal communities as they.. Read More

Political Narrative Document of Learning (Saving our Planet)

Through the course of our study with modern Canadian politics, we looked at various political narratives such as identity, government, economy and geography. It is quite difficult to select only one of these narratives as the most compelling. However, one political narrative that particularly interests me is ‘environment’ (geography). Preserving or improving the condition of our environment is very significant to me and I believe it should be one of.. Read More