I still remember hearing about ‘in-depth’ months before we selected what we wanted to study, and the time has definitely flown by since then. But now that it’s already the month of May, I need to continue building and practicing the routine that I will perform on the night itself.

Shortly after my sixth blog post, I once again began debating on whether or not I should perform an alternate routine, even though I had told myself that I would be performing Shawn Farquhar’s “Sheer Luck” trick. The main reason for my uncertainty was that “Sheer Luck” involved lots ot talking and realizing that in-depth night was just over a month away at the time, stage fright began to set in. As a result, I considered performing a routine that involved loud music or little talking, but after pondering about it for some time I realized that I wanted to take a larger risk rather than playing it relatively ‘safe’.

After overcoming this minor internal conflict, I decided to stick with performing Farquhar’s routine. In addition to the reason listed above, I believe that Farquhar’s routine is of a right level of difficulty, length, and appropriateness. Since then, I have been developing a script for this routine. Although I’ve finished a draft and edited it several times, I am going to be continuously making changes to it until the night arrives. Billy (my mentor) told me that getting too attached to a script can often be counterproductive as unpredictable things may happen. Furthermore, a good magician will be able to figure out how to incorporate these ‘things’ into their routine and naturally go back to performing their routine. I aim to be prepared and not stand awkwardly on stage if unforeseeable events occur and so I need to be careful not to get too attached to my script.

Having said this, scripting is still very important and practice is essential. On Tuesday, I’ll be meeting with Billy once again to perform what I have so far. I have not actually learned how to execute the routine, but I’ve been pondering how it is done ever since I saw Shawn perform it on YouTube. As I was unable to figure it out, I am very excited to finally learn how it is performed on Tuesday. After our next meeting, I’ll have all the components of the routine needed to start practicing and memorizing it as a whole. Although I’ve been practicing the talking and hand gestures since my last blog post, a major piece of the routine is missing without the correct props and knowledge of how it is executed.

Associated with In-Depth Post #8 were new topics discussed in De Bono’s novel.

Interruptions: In my past meeting with Billy, he taught me how to perform a routine that involved me making chopsticks disappear. At the end of the meeting, I performed what he taught me. Several times throughout my mock performances, Billy interrupted me in order to give me tips or suggestions. However, as De Bono stated in the novel, “Other interruptions, such as offering examples, new perceptions, and values, amplify the conversations and are often considered less irritating.” Billy was not blatantly interrupting me as one often would do during an argument. His interruptions were justified as there are some big ‘no-nos’ in the routine that makes the overall performance very sloppy, and so it’s important to let me know right away rather than after my mock performance(s). This way, I won’t be developing any bad habits.

Attitudes: In many of my conversations with my mentor, I have displayed a rather eager and ready-to-learn attitude. I believe that this is the best attitude to go into a conversation where Billy is teaching me new methods, as it shows that I am interested (as I genuinely am) and that I’m understanding what he’s saying. Sometimes the techniques used in sleight-of-hand magic can be very difficult, but both Billy and I have been good at not displaying frustrated or other negative attitudes. Billy and I have more of a friend relationship rather than a mentor-to-student relationship, and so I believe that both of us display fun attitudes when we have conversations. Instead, he displays a patient attitude when I’m having trouble with something or unable to execute things as well as they should be.

I’ve been progressing quite nicely. However, I find that my script is a bit too similar to Shawn’s script, so I’ll be working on how to make it more original and more fitting to my voice and style of performance. Overall, I believe that in-depth is going quite nicely. I’m having fun with the experience and I look forward to presenting what I’ve learnt on May 25th. See you then! :)