Better than Andrea.

Not as Nice as People Think (Initial Document of Learning)

Throughout the course of the socials term, I’ve begun to learn a little bit about the interactions between Aboriginal peoples and European explorers in Canada. Although we’ve begun to talk about this learning outcome extensively in the last few classes, I still feel like we’ve only scratched the surface of it. There is so much to learn that students like myself often begin venturing into this learning outcome as early.. Read More

Sheer Luck (In-Depth Post #8)

I still remember hearing about ‘in-depth’ months before we selected what we wanted to study, and the time has definitely flown by since then. But now that it’s already the month of May, I need to continue building and practicing the routine that I will perform on the night itself. Shortly after my sixth blog post, I once again began debating on whether or not I should perform an alternate.. Read More