Better than Andrea.

Frank’s Socials Midterm

Throughout the course of the socials term, I have engaged in several of the prescribed learning outcomes included in the skills and processes of Social Studies 10. I would also like to begin exploring learning outcomes in sections we have not explored yet, or have not studied comprehensively. PLO A1: Several of the achievement indicators for this learning outcome were investigated in preparation for our classroom debate. Prior to participating in.. Read More

A Hopeful Goodbye

 My final address as Tenskwatawa, a Native American, has been pasted below.  “My ambitions and goals were never achieved. I was born a burden and I died a failure. However, it is unreasonable to say that I never had any high points in my life. My brother, Tecumseh, and I tried to create a united front of Native American tribes. We believed that if Native Americans worked together, we’d be.. Read More

An Aboriginal Confederation

Many, many years have gone by since my last journal entry. Reading it now, I remember stating how I was a freak and how the Shawnee tribe would never learn to respect me. I was certainly wrong. Allow me to explain. About an year after writing that first entry, I fell into a fire and many of my family members considered me dead. However, I was actually put into a trance.. Read More