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Disappearing Chopsticks? (In-Depth Post #6)

It’s hard to believe that I’m over the halfway point of my 2015 In-Depth experience! I still remember debating what I should study months before today and time has gone by incredibly quickly. Nonetheless, there is still lots of time for me to develop and practice my routine. On Tuesday, I was fortunate enough to meet with Billy a third time. We discussed my final routine, or the one that I’d.. Read More


January, 1805 Journal Entry #1 I am writing to express my frustrations with my life. I am a Native American, and a “member” of the Shawnee tribe. I write quotes around the word ‘member’ as it certainly doesn’t feel like I am a part of the tribe. My life was unfortunate since as long as I can remember. My father was killed in a battle at Point Pleasant before I.. Read More

Perfect Practice Makes Perfect! (In-Depth Post #4-5)

Hi there! This post incorporates the requirements from In-Depth posts 4 and 5 as I got an extension on post #4. Unfortunately, my mentor cancelled the meeting that was supposed to happen yesterday (March 5th) as he had to go to a funeral. However, we have been contacting each other a lot the few days and I believe I am still able to write this post about our first two meetings and.. Read More

Act of Union 1840 : A Chain of Events

Here’s a link to one of the green-coded resources on Colonial Canada: The article above describes the Act of Union 1840. The Act of Union was proclaimed on February 10th, 1841 and merged the colonies of Upper Canada and Lower Canada under one government, creating the Province of Canada. The article also explained some history behind the Act as well as how it worked. I chose this article for several reasons. While.. Read More