Better than Andrea.

Technological Advancements and Nice People

Where have we been? I had to first understand who the “we” is in this question. I don’t think there is a real right answer, but for the sake of the blog post I’ll say that “we” is referring to the human race. However, I then began to wonder what the “been” in the question means as well. Is it referring to the most recent developments and events of the.. Read More

Coin Magic and the French Drop (In-Depth Post #3)

Another two weeks has gone by, and I believe that my in-depth project has been progressing quite nicely. On Tuesday, February 3rd, I met with my mentor, Billy, for the second time.  In this meeting, we focused on coin magic, which Billy believed was even more powerful than card magic. In coin magic, a magician could ask a spectator for a couple specific coins, and they would often be able.. Read More